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Lawn Care Programs

Lawn Care Treatments

Healthy lawns need regular nutrients that provide all the basic building blocks for optimal growth that maintains a healthy, well-balanced soil. Our total lawn care program insures that your soil and turfgrass gets all the basic elements, but also the micro-nutrients essential for a good looking healthy lawn.

Throughout the year there are better times to apply certain treatments. Our trained staff understands when the need to apply just the right treatment at the right time so your lawn gets the most benefit for the least cost.

Weed controls also need to be applied on a timely basis. Some of these applications are based in part on soil temperatures to be most effective. You can depend on Enhanced Lawn & Tree to make sure your lawn receives the proper applications, at the right time.

1 Early Spring: First visit boost color, winter stress recovery, crabgrass pre-emergent's and weed controls.

2 Late Spring: Nutrient boost, weed inspection and treatment. Crabgrass preventer also applied.

3. Early Summer: Slow release feeding. Weed inspection, sub-surface insect inspection.

4. Late Summer: Sumerizer fertilizer, nutrients designed for color without excess growth. Weed and disease inspection.

5. Early Fall: Fertilize to boost health & root growth. Weed and insects treated as needed.

6. Late Fall: Stimulates new growth and root vigor. Fertilizer important for food storage and winter survival. Weed treated as needed

7. Winter: Controls weeds, aids in spring green up boosts color


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