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Enhanced will also protect your valuable trees and shrubs from the variety of harmful insects and diseases prevalent in the Tidewater area. Our horticulturists often diagnose and treat problems before They are ever noticed by the homeowner.

1. Early Spring: Root zone feeding, slow release season feeding. Boosts health and vigor.

2. Late Spring: First insect and disease. Targets early emerging insects such as caterpillars and aphids.

3. Early Summer: Spray application targeting aphids, spider mites and canker worms. Leaf spot and other diseases are identified and treated.

4. Late Summer: Spray application treating some of the most harmful insects in this area. Japanese beetles, bagworms, spider mites, lace bugs, leaf spot, and blight are just a few pests and diseases treated.

5. Early Fall: Spray application targets caterpillars, woolly aphids and other plant damaging insects. Diseases include powdery mildew and leaf spot.

6. Late Fall: Spray application. Targets late season insect populations. Diseases include blight and powdery mildew.

7. Winter: Spray application. This application of horticultural oil controls scale and smothers overwintering insect eggs.

Ornamental Trees

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